Our Services

Our suite of services is best in class. Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to custom tailor a plan to your specific needs.  


Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Plans

Non-qualified benefit programs are designed to provide pre and post retirement benefits to executives and other highly compensated employees in addition to the benefits that can be paid from 401(k) and other qualified retirement plans.

Bank Owned Life Insurance

Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) is an alternative investment designed to help banks offset the rising cost of employee benefit expenses as well as diversify their portfolio holdings.

Plans for Tax-Exempt Organizations

Tax-exempt organizations face unique challenges when designing compensation programs for physicians and/or executives. These organizations must remain sensitive to cash flow constraints while offering plans that deliver on three fronts – attracting, retaining and motivating highly compensated physician and/or executive talent.

Supplemental Executive Insurance Plans

A key component of a comprehensive, competitive benefit program often includes Supplemental Insurance and welfare benefits. More and more organizations are providing these options to their executives and other key employees to complement their existing group benefit programs. Group benefit plans alone often cannot provide the level of coverage highly compensated executives really need.

Retirement Income Planning

We help our clients to focus on the end in mind when planning for retirement so that they can generate the maximum income stream while also ensuring that they do not run out of money.

Estate Planning

A well-engineered estate plan can minimize tax liability and ensure that loved ones are protected. We work with clients and their advisors to analyze their current financial status and assess the potential impact of taxes on their estate.  We then help implement tax efficient gifting and life insurance funding to assist families and trusts with the transfer and protection of wealth. 

College Funding Solutions

We provide parents of college-bound students with guidance in all areas of the college financial planning process, including how to make college more affordable by managing the financial aid process on your behalf, working closely to identify all of the grants, loans and scholarships available, and submitting all of the multiple forms and paperwork that are associated with this process.